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Running is boring?

With Runtainment you don't even notice you were running!

Runtainment makes running an interactive experience!

Get outside and move yourself! Dive into a tensing story, become part of Rabbits team of bounty hunters and get on hunting the bad guys! It's your decision: take control of the story taking place in your real world surrounding.

Let yourself be guided during your runs, re-experience your environment in an entirely new way and be back home in time! You decide the duration of your runs!

  • I like it a lot. I'll surely hear again of you guys!

    Jörg Deeters, Sr. Designer, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • The idea is good. Really good.

    Patrick Schneider, Group Head UXA, MRM // McCann

Listen to what our beta-testers say about Runtainment!

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Never again boring runs! Dive into the interactive story and run with fun!
Let yourself be guided and be back home in time
Stay healthy, become fit and have fun!

Soon in the App Stores.

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